Carlos began his career in the film industry when he was 6 years old as an actor and continued acting for 6 years after due to his American mother that worked as an Actress and his Spanish/Mexican father who worked as Director and as a Cinematographer. He is 100% fluent in English and Spanish since he has lived both in the USA and Mexico for all his life moving back and forth to both countries through out the years studying and working. His professional education working behind camera started since he was 20 years old in 1985 as Assistant Cameraman to internationally recognized Cinematographers including his belated father. He participated as Assistant Cameraman in over 500 productions in only 5 years. Since 1989 he became a Cinematographer who is extremely meticulous specializing in features, visual effects, aerial cinematography, people, music videos, documentaries and advertising where he has participated in over 2,000 productions overall. His ability and know-how to work in the USA as well as Mexico, has brought an invaluable asset to any production combining the best of both countries meeting any budget and any high end demand. Diazmunoz is the current President of the Mexican Cinematographer Society know as the AMC.   He was a pioneer in the digital media bringing Mexican Cinematographers together through the world wide web since the late 90's. He has become very involved in the new Mexican motion picture generation uprising as well as the worldwide digital image capture revolution.